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ADR Training Institute

Settlement House does various training in Arbitration, Mediation Advocacy, Negotiation, ADR Registry and Secretariats services, Emotional Intelligence, Faith-based Dispute Resolution, Peace and Conflict Resolution and Management, Restorative Justice and any other relevant and developing field in the ADR Sphere.

SHATI ADR Centre and Service

Settlement House ADR Training Institute (SHATI) is known as a center for training, equipping, engaging, and building participants across every sphere of influence including non-lawyers to be ADR practitioners.

Settlement House ADR Training Institute

Settlement House ADR Training Institute (SHATI) is a registered alternative dispute resolution centre known for alternative dispute resolution services which include mediation, arbitration, negotiation, and conciliation, in line with the international-related best practices of alternative dispute resolution.

The institute meets the demands of society by solving societal conflicts and disputes for peacemaking and reconciliation.

We contribute to the societal development by profering dispute resolution strategies apart from litigation.

The institute is built on training, coaching, certification, practice, and consultancy in ADR. This forms the dynamism of our bond to which interested participants are equipped with relevant skills to resolve disputes.

Life is simply a long journey of problem-solving and conflicts resolution;

– R. J. Intindola

SHATI seeks to reduce disputes in society and restore relationships through the following ways:

  • Actively engaging society with ADR mechanisms through advocacy and social interaction programmes.
  • Equipping interested parties with relevant skills for the adoption and restoration of peace and harmony in society.
  • Creating avenues for social sustainability, financial management, and business innovation.
  • Promoting skill acquisition and ensuring personal development.


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